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Email Security and Compliance

Stopping today's email threats requires an expansive view that goes well beyond email. By integrating best-in-class Web and data security technology with messaging security, Websense achieves unparalleled visibility into emerging threats and the highest possible levels of protection from inbound and outbound email risks. With Websense messaging security, customers gain mission-critical security while enabling a consolidated security strategy with the trusted leader in Essential Information Protection.

Available as a hosted service or on-premise software, Websense messaging security protects against the convergence between Web and email threats, including data loss and regulatory violations. Only Websense provides email compliance and security backed by the intelligence of the Websense ThreatSeeker Network.

Websense Email Security - On-premise email security software delivers leading protection from converged email & Web 2.0 attacks and provides granular management of confidential data within email

Websense Hosted Email Security - Hosted service that delivers leading protection from converged email & Web 2.0 attacks and enables email content control with end to end encryption and customized lexical analysis

Websense Hybrid Email Security - Greater efficiency and protection with Websense Hosted Email Security combined with Websense Email Security

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